Strong Mama Movement

Where busy women find their strength

The Strong Mama Program


  • SELF-CUSTOMIZED for the intensity (and time) you have today.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUTS focused on combining cardio and toning exercises and (re)building core strength
  • NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY - take back your living room or hide in a closet; workout wherever you are
    (When needed, small children make excellent hand weights.)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY with fiercely gentle weekly reminders and a slick auto-tracker that help you pick up right where you left off.


  • INTEGRATED MINDFULNESS to release the anxiety and burden of self-care
  • DAILY INTENTIONS & AFFIRMATIONS to awaken a calm, hopeful attitude both for your sweat sessions and your life.
  • POCKETS OF TIME STRATEGY so you can stop waiting for the “perfect time“ to begin. GAME-CHANGER.

This program and its 50+ exercises, 15 mantras, transformative circuits and mood-lifting bonuses are yours for life.

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